The word I chose is simplify, but this blog post sure isn’t going to be that simple.

After getting stuck on thinking of a good word, I browsed through some of the Sea to Sky photos on Flickr and was reminded of one word that was discussed at the top of the peak, that being simplify.

The dictionary definition of this word is fairly simple, “To make something easier to understand”, but for me, it means something more along the lines of breaking down harder tasks into sizable chunks. I find that sometimes I have trouble breaking down a task, whether it’s because I’m overwhelmed by the task, too excited, or just plain tired. I try to think of the big idea, but it soon goes way over my head and is hard to catch up to again. Sometimes just thinking of the big idea works, especially for easier tasks and smaller assignments, but for what I’m expecting this year like the In-depth and Eminent person, it doesn’t look like that’s going to work. I thought that maybe blogging this word will help me realize and get myself organized to have a good start to my next two years in Talons, hopefully with a limited amount of procrastination. I wasn’t thinking along these lines at the start, but I soon realized that procrastination and simplifying were actually quite closely related to each other.

Usually I have a lot of trouble simplifying my tasks when I have more than one thought on my mind, which is most of the time. I usually end up thinking about what’s for dinner while I’m studying for math or what I’m supposed to do for homework while I practice violin. It takes a lot of effort for me to just sit down and focus on one idea, so this year I really want to attempt to think about only one task at a time. Thinking about one task at a time by simplifying a larger task will probably make me much more focused and allow me to concentrate on my work with more ease. This will involve momentarily ridding myself of the big picture while I try to complete the smaller, yet still necessary tasks. Hopefully this will help me be a lot more successful in Talons this year.

To begin to make an effort to simplify my tasks this year, I could focus on making personal deadlines, chunking down the assignments before I even have the chance to get hyped up or depressed about them. One thing I like to do that I can use to motivate myself is to litter my desk with reminder post it notes in an organized fashion (in my sense of organization). Also, another idea that I could implement is more colour coding to help categorize and prioritize my tasks and events.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to fulfill or even attempt to follow through with what I wrote here today. I’m pretty motivated about this word right now, but the true goal will be to maintain that motivation and enthusiasm for the rest of the year, even when it comes to the fated Aprilmayjune. If I am successful with this, I’m pretty sure that my high school life will be five if not ten times easier.