Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

My Eminent Bi’blog’raphy

Wow. Now it’s time for Eminent to truly wrap up! It sure was one wild roller coaster. To conclude this project, I have one sort-of-not-really interesting post, and that is my biblography! I’m sure you’ll be interested in this post if you came here looking for some tips and information on Alice Munro. If that’s the case, I’ve basically done all the research for you! Anyway I’ll put the links.. Read More

Night of the Notables Assessment

Night of the Notables was an absolutely amazing night, but it wasn’t just the night that made it awesome. It was also the hard work put in prior to the night. Although I had a good time, now is the time to start wrapping things up. Starting with my Learning Center. I felt that it was very successful despite the poor lighting and use of space. I found that the.. Read More

Document of Learning

With Night of the Notables just around the corner,  I will dedicate this post to my learning center since I have already presented my speech, but if anyone would like to see my speech in paper, I have a link right here -> Eminent Speech 2013 РAlison Kim Anyway, continuing on about learning centers. This weekend was a blur with my extracurricular activities and my learning center. My plan for.. Read More

Eminent Interview…oh my

The thought of an interview seriously scared me at first. The idea of speaking to someone over the phone without even meeting them and having to communicate with only my voice scared me. Even more so if the person was quite significant and very respectable. It really is a different experience from public speaking in front of an audience. So, let’s start from the very beginning. Knowing my Eminent Person.. Read More