With Night of the Notables just around the corner,  I will dedicate this post to my learning center since I have already presented my speech, but if anyone would like to see my speech in paper, I have a link right here -> Eminent Speech 2013 – Alison Kim

Anyway, continuing on about learning centers. This weekend was a blur with my extracurricular activities and my learning center. My plan for my learning center was to recreate or at least attempt to recreate Munro Books with Alice Munro’s recent achievement as a special exhibit. Since I was assigned a locker bay, I intend to make full use of that space. First off, as people enter through one way or another, I plan to have a small exhibition of her books, roughly 3-4 copies that I personally own. This will hopefully draw people in and give people an idea of who my Eminent person is before I dive into the details. Following this small display, I plan to have my poster board where most people will be able to figure out more details from me. My poster board revolves around the general theme of a journal, so I have her life chronologically displayed as best as I can with pictures, limiting myself from using words on the board. As they say, a picture does equal a thousand words. This also encourages me to know my information better and interact more with my guests. Along with the chronological display of her life, I also plan to replicate the Nobel prize, that being in the center of my board, and surrounding it will be her books, especially her more notable works. After the guests take a look at my poster board, they are next led to my interactive activity. My interactive activity consists of two parts. 1. A guestbook. This is simply a guestbook will be filled with messages that anyone attending might want to say to Alice Munro or Munro Books. I wanted to put this as part of my learning center so I can send it along with my thank you letter to Mr. Munro for giving me an interview. The second part is…it’s a bit difficult to explain in words so maybe I’ll post a picture. As you can see along the side, that is sort of what I’m getting at, but not really. Alice Munro’s books tend to have a running theme in them that is common within her collection of stories such as love, hatred, longing, etc. The guests are to identify this theme within a page of her text and can circle relevant words to make a sentence or just a random collection of words. Then they are also allowed to draw or color around these circled words to make them more prominent and also to put a picture to represent these words, putting a deeper meaning to it.

A couple of problems I encountered in this planning process was finding a way to make the atmosphere seem like a book store. At first I thought of buying wallpaper that looked like books and putting them over the lockers, but after some shopping and research to Home Depot and other painting stores, I saw that wallpaper wasn’t a feasible method at this time. I could take even more time and maybe find some, but I decided that I should refer to my word for this year, simplify. I haven’t decided what exactly I want to do to make up for the wallpaper, but I narrowed it down to two possibilities. One being, I bring in the jacket covers of my books and gently tape them to the lockers or two being, I paint a book case myself. Hopefully I will have thought of an answer to this within the next day or so.

That is basically a run down of what my learning center will be like. I hope you look forward to it!