Wow. Now it’s time for Eminent to truly wrap up! It sure was one wild roller coaster. To conclude this project, I have one sort-of-not-really interesting post, and that is my biblography! I’m sure you’ll be interested in this post if you came here looking for some tips and information on Alice Munro. If that’s the case, I’ve basically done all the research for you!

Anyway I’ll put the links here along with a small description of them.  – Self explanatory. It’s Wikipedia. Definitely the best place to start off your research.  – You might also want to take a look at her list of short stories. This is the most compact and informative list of her short stories that I could find, even though it is Wikipedia.  – Next thing you might to look at. A chronological biography (in point form!) of her life. Simple and to the point.  – Another great and simple biography. Not in point form like the link before, but just as good.  – A very reliable and detailed biography compared to the ones above.  – Information about her childhood with pictures.  – A bit of a long video, but a really good interview about her childhood. – Another interview with more of a general theme to it, but nonetheless very informational. Just as good as any facts!  – A bit of a short interview taken after she won the Nobel prize and it is more on the theme of writers in general than her achievements.  – If you have Facebook, this is quite an interesting link to look at. Although it doesn’t seem like Alice Munro herself updates this page, it is still very up to date with current news and it also has some cool photos.  – An article about more current happenings.

I also used a few books to help supplement my research, so I’ll just list a couple that I think you should find and read if you ever decide to study Alice Munro

My Best stories, By Alice Munro. This is the best book that can sum up her stories. It is worth your time and personally, I enjoyed reading it. This is the best way you can get your own sense of her writing style because it has short stories from 1968 all the way until 2008.

Dear Life, By Alice Munro. Because this is more recent that My Best stories, the anthology doesn’t include the stories from Dear Life. This book is worth reading if you want to be up to date and knowledgeable about her recent works.

The View from Castle Rock, By Alice Munro. I only recommend you read this one after you’ve read the above two, because it isn’t as great in terms of style, but it does have a lot of content. It basically describes her family tree, starting from the roots.

With this supposedly being my last post on Eminent and all, I can say that I loved this project and I look forward to next year!