Night of the Notables was an absolutely amazing night, but it wasn’t just the night that made it awesome. It was also the hard work put in prior to the night. Although I had a good time, now is the time to start wrapping things up.

Starting with my Learning Center. I felt that it was very successful despite the poor lighting and use of space. I found that the Nobel prize replica that I put in the middle of 10981412593_75e28a22fd_cmy poster along with the word Canada really attracted a lot of people. Most people who visited already knew who she was, even if it was only by name, but the people who didn’t know were attracted by the visuals so I think that good visuals would be something I should keep in mind for next year as well. Also, I felt that displaying some of her notable works in the center of poster also served its purpose and it got a lot of people asking about her books. Overall, I felt that having a strong visual representation instead of words really helped. One thing I might work on about my learning center is my use of space. I had one huge locker bay to use and I tried to fill the entire space, but at the last minute I shrunk it down because people didn’t seem to engage with me as well. After shrinking down my space a bit, I found that people tended to interact with me more, so next year I should have a better idea of how much space is good and how much is too much.

Continuing on with more of a reflection on the entire project itself. I felt that overall, the pacing of the project was a bit fast, but it made me really stay on top of the ball. I guess that’s high school, but I liked how we got a lot of time to research and discover our Eminent person. Having a lot of time in this area really helped me with my goal for this project which is linked to my word about simplifying my tasks. Truthfully, my learning center was a bit of a hassle, especially my last minute decision as to what I should do for a back drop. If you read my previous post, you would see that after considering my two options, I picked the harder option just because of time restraints and cost. After picking the harder option though, I received a substantial amount of help from my classmates which all of a sudden made the harder option the easier option. So even though it wasn’t necessarily intended, I simplified my task! I also simplified my learning center after realizing that people wouldn’t want to spend more than 8+ minutes or so at my learning center. I discarded my elaborate plan and resorted to a more simple interactive activity, which I now realize was the best solution. Relating to me English goal, I felt like I got to know a lot more about flow in writing and the use of elaborate text to explain your point. One thing that Alice Munro does well is that she uses very fancy ways of getting to the point, without boring the reader. I think that reading her works helped me enhance my writing skills and also made me aware of more literary devices. I feel that even in this semi-chaos, I was able to manage my goals and achieve them.

Night of the Notables had many memorable moments, but I think that some of the most memorable moments were when the grade tens were giving their speeches and when I got to interact with the guests at my learning center that had common interests. First of all, the grade tens wowed me. I was really anxious to hear their speeches and they went beyond any expectations I had. I loved how in character they were when even memorizing the speech itself should’ve been hard.┬áIt really makes me think about how I should do better for next year when the bar is already set so high. I’ve already been thinking about next year…

Now I also think it was quite the memorable moment for me when I got to meet guests who were really engaging. Some of these guests were alumni (they were very engaging and exciting), parents, and probably guests I even don’t know, but I found it to be very memorable when I felt that connection between us through a common topic, in this case being Alice Munro. It was just a really cool experience that I hope will be even better next year.

To wrap up this post, I would like to thank all the TALONS teachers. They did an amazing job with this project and they really helped by being a supportive pillar. Next I would like to thank all my peers. Many of my peers helped me with my learning center, giving feedback to my speech and more. You guys are all awesome. Thank you to all the guests who came to visit as well. Without people visiting, I probably would’ve just stood and around and stared at a wall or something like that. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Munro Books and Jim Munro for giving me such a wonderful interview opportunity and a great learning experience too.

It wouldn’t have been the same without everybody’s help! Thanks!