For 2014, my In-depth project is archery! My plan is to learn the basics and develop those skills so that by the end of the project I will be able to shoot with accuracy while demonstrating this skill to others.

So who will be involved?

Other than myself, this project will definitely involve my mentor (Sheila), but it will also involve the support of my parents. My parents will actually have quite a big role in this project because they’re the ones who will be managing the necessary finances while proving me rides to and from the range which is quite a lot of time commitment from them as well. My mentor will be doing most of the hard work though, helping me get started on this long term goal.

What is it?

You already know that it is archery, but I’ll explain this sport in a bit more detail. Well, archery was never really a sport at the start, it was just another weapon from all the way back in 10,000 BCE. Bows and arrows truthfully haven’t deviated too far from the original idea, but like everything else they have also evolved, incorporating designs to make this sport less dangerous. At first it was merely for killing (people and animals), but now it is nothing of the sort, or at least it shouldn’t be. Archery is highly developed in Asia where many ancient civilizations began to use it and have passed an affinity for it through the generations. Archery has also gained many variations such as mounted archery and crossbow shooting. It really only became the modern sport like today around the 1920’s and it has continually been successful since, even being an official Olympic sport.



Of course like any other In-depth project I will be pursuing this passion from January to May, but to be more exact my first archery lesson will be on Wednesday January 22, coming up quite soon. I will continue taking lessons every week on Wednesday.


My mentor, Sheila is part of the Royal city Archers located in New Westminster (426 East Columbia, New Westminster, British Columbia), in fact I talked to her not too long ago to arrange the date. I’m not entirely sure if the Royal City Archers will be the only range I visit, for I might also decide to visit the range in Port Coquitlam due to its close proximity.

Why archery?

To be perfectly honest, I was stuck on an In-depth idea for quite a long time until I went to go watch the Hobbit. It was really getting time to start having an In-depth idea by the last couple days of winter break. As I saw this movie, the stress of an In-depth idea was lying in the back of my mind until the elves came in with their bow and arrows. It sort of was like a eureka moment for me when I realized that archery was something that I was quite interested in due to its athletic complexity and its old history. I knew that the sport itself wouldn’t have a direct influence on my future career, but hopefully the skills that come with it will.

Some challenges that I think I will face will be by already quite busy schedule. Archery now becomes one more juggling ball flying in the air, hoping for it to stay in the air toss after toss. Also, I fear that other special commitments may block off my schedule such as debate and music, but hopefully it won’t get to that point. Another challenge I believe might face is the financial cost of equipment, but hopefully I will be able to rent some at the archery club.

I’m really looking forward to this project and learning a cool and awesome skill. I also look forward to meeting my mentor and other people with similar interest at the archery club. I wish that it will all go smoothly, but even if I do encounter some bumps in the way, I hope it still makes me grow and learn.

More about my In-depth project coming soon (in about 2 weeks I believe)!