To start off blogging for Planning 10 this year, I have here my healthy living plan!

First my five paragraphs on bullying, eating healthy, healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, and STI’s.


Truthfully, I believe that bullying is something that can never truly disappear. It can only be prevented. Humans aren’t perfect and therefore conflict such as bullying exists. A lot of people think that bullying is only associated with kids because that’s the example that schools use to make it more relatable for us, but in reality bullying doesn’t have an age limit. It’s because it doesn’t have an age limit that it is so prevalent in our society. As you get older it might not be about such petty issues and it might not be so dramatic. It may not even be truly intentional, but the fact is that if someone’s feelings are hurt on a regular basis, it’s considered bullying. Even though I say that it can never fully disappear, it can for sure be prevented. This all starts by being nice. Nice is one of those words that is easier said than done, but with effort I believe that this train of negativity can be stopped, but being nice is not the end of the road. The end of the road is when both parties have the courage to let go and forgive.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is always good for you both mentally and physically. This can be achieved by measuring your calorie take, taking note of the types of food you eat, and being more aware of when you are eating. I believe that when all three of these sub-categories are taken into consideration, you will be on the road towards a healthier life. By eating unhealthy, you risk putting stress on your body, leading to conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. You also risk your mental state, for eating unhealthy doesn’t provide the nutrients that the brain needs on a daily basis. By eating a healthy, balanced meal full of nutrients you can easily avoid all of these problems and it all starts by simply being more aware of what and when you eat.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are important to have, not only intimate relationships but also healthy relationships with your friends. I believe it is crucial that you maintain healthy relationships because it is those people that will be there for you in both tough and joyful times as a helping hand. It also those people that will affect who you are, because as independent as we are, we are all affected by the people around us to some degree. These people that you have healthy relationships with can help you change for the better, but equally unhealthy relationships can leave you feeling worse. If you maintain the wrong relationships, it can severely burden your mental state, leading to cases such as depression and trauma. Therefore it is really important to find the right relationships and once you do, to maintain that love or friendship.

Drugs and Alcohol

We hear about drugs and alcohol everywhere and especially as students, we hear about this all the time at school, on public service announcements, advertisements and more. It is clearly known to be bad for you, especially when consuming great amounts, although a sip of alcohol won’t hurt. I believe that is unlikely for drugs and alcohol to ever be supressed because as we see from the past, when alcohol was prohibited it resulted in more people attempting to buy it. Even though we may not be able to supress it permanently, we can help people make the right decision. Drugs and alcohol are addictive, from a mild addiction all the way to an addiction that lasts your life. Also, after consuming these substances, you may not be in your right mind which can result in your death and the deaths of others through drinking and driving. Although it is common knowledge that it is bad for you, I believe that the best way to prevent more casualties is to constantly raise more awareness on this subject, just like what this course is doing for us.


Sexually Transmitted Infections are becoming quite a problem all over the world, but especially in third world nations. The reason that it is more of a problem in third world countries is because people do not have the supplies to have safe sex. Without these materials, those people are risking their health and potentially their lives while we have these materials and yet we still do not seem to take this problem seriously with priority that it needs. I believe that it is important to provide supplies for safe sex to those in need through charitable actions and I also believe that it is equally or even more important to promote the idea of safe sex to those that already have the supplies needed.

Now for my three goals, I have used three different Web 2.0 tools.

Goal #1

Eating Healthy (Prezi):

Goal #2

Healthy Relationships :

Goal #2 Healthy Relationships, Healthy Living Plan

Goal #3

Staying Fit (Windows Movie Maker and Paint Joy):

Surprisingly, this is presentation that took the longest to make, even though it may seem simple. I didn’t imagine all the small steps that would be involved, but luckily it’s done now! This goal also reflects my in-depth project and my IEP. (This video is x12 faster than the original).

I hope this gave you a good sense of how I would like to (and will) live healthy!