I finally have live action shots of me at the Royal City Archers, so as stated in my previous post, I will post them in this blog today. Over spring break I wasn’t able to get along as far as I hoped because of the fact that the facility was only open the first week due to renovation the second week. Yesterday was my first archery session after spring break and I could tell that some of my skills were slightly rusty from the break, but I soon got the hang of it again after a couple of rounds (rounds are a group of 3 shots).


Since my last blog post, on top of my usual routines, I also experimented with different types of sights (mechanism that you attach to the front of your bow to help accuracy). It is completely your choice to decide if you want to use a sight or not. They can be as complex as the sight shown in the photo or just as simple as a horizontally facing sewing pin, but truthfully the more complex sights tend to serve their purpose better due to their accurate stability. Personally, I found that sights are useful if you have your own equipment, but with rentals that any people use throughout the day, it isn’t worth the trouble. During  the time it takes for you to set up your sight each session if you don’t have your own equipment, you could have shot about another 3 clean rounds.

Two weeks ago, I also tried a compound bow for the first time. These bows look very complex compared to any other bow, but in fact they are just as simple. I dislike these bows compared to the recurve bows that I usually use because it requires much more force to draw the string back than any other type of bow. The advantage is though that these complex mechanisms/pulleys allow you to hold on to the string once it is fully drawn with much more ease. This allows you to take more time to aim without getting as tired, but the general mass of a compound bow is much heavier than the light wood in recurve bows.


In my last post I started writing a little bit on the Junior Olympic Program standards, and I think I’ll elaborate on that today. It is basically a program for youth that allow them to progress through stages in archery, all the while earning badges and certificates. Since I only take private lessons I’m not an official member of the program, but this is really only meant for someone who really wants to pursue archery for the long term. This following picture shows the stages in development and the levels that juniors can work towards. (click the photo to zoom in)


I also stated in my last post that by this time, I will try to form a more definite goal for the end of in-depth other than just learning the sport. I decided to at least score 200/300 on a 60 cm target, following the JOP standards by the end of my project. I feel that this would help get the momentum that I had when I first started going once more. 

Now for the actions shots! I also have a couple of photos on my progress so far. (if you click on the photo of my, it’s apparently a gif)


Now to address some of Ms. Mulder’s reflection questions for this blog post. So far, things that been going very smoothly with my mentor. I was lucky enough to be provided with a new learning opportunity by my mentor, which I unfortunately had to turn down due to scheduling conflicts, but this learning opportunity was one of the limited spots in the actual JOP program. This opportunity could have provided me with the chance to meet other students interested in the same sport and it could have put a competitive edge to it as well, but let’s not dwell on the missed opportunities. There was another opportunity presented to me by my mentor. This opportunity is a bunch of 3-D shoots held around the lower mainland for fun and competition because I told my mentor that I was more interested in outdoor shoots. This opportunity would truly provide me with a new perspective on archery while giving me a boost in experience and mental stamina. I am still considering this opportunity, but I am interested so for me, this is a maybe.

Overall, I really enjoy this relationship with my mentor at this moment as I feel like we’ve come quite a long way, especially on the communication part. The asking and answering of questions has improved along with communication based on scheduling and timing.

Anyway, this was quite the photo filled post, but I hope you enjoyed it and more updates are coming soon.