Good afternoon fellow readers. My name is Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre.

I am not sure if I should scorn you for delving into my private journal or whether I should applaud you for showing interest as I tell you my life as it comes. I feel that turbulent times are to come and by writing such a journal I will be able to leave my own footprint in history.

My life so far has not been very extravagant nor interesting, but I have been successful. With a law degree from the Lycée Louis-le-Grand I have been living with a healthy income and lifestyle, until I met Louis the 16th. The first time I met this atrocious man was when I was still a student, giving a welcoming speech when he came to visit my school. For goodness sake, he never even left the carriage due to the slight amount of rain that day. At that time, he wasn’t such an atrocious man, but for the sake of consistency he will be. If by any chance a royalist or a noble ever reads this journal, I assure you I am completely sane when I say that I detest Louis the 16th and the monarchy. I don’t detest the idea of a monarchy, but the problem lies in the ways that some social classes are treated. This is absolutely outrageous as everybody should have an equal say as well as an equal portion of food. As the fifth deputy of the Estates-General for the third estate, I stand strongly for the people! It outrages me to see the way that our king treats some of his people like mere animals. It is clear that something must change from the foundation of France’s political structure.

In the future I believe that it is not enough for the monarchy to only lose a portion of its power. France should be a country run for its people by the people, a democracy! At this moment I do not have enough political power to share my views in such ways, but in time I shall express my desires. One day I assure you, I will find a way to improve the lives of the poor and to strike down those corrupt from power. I would like to show a quick preview of a speech I have in mind to express democracy in the future. Hopefully one day I will be given the opportunity to say these words out loud.

All citizens, whoever they are, have the right to aspire to all levels of office-holding. Nothing is more in line with your declaration of rights, according to which all privileges, all distinctions, all exceptions must disappear. The Constitution establishes that sovereignty resides in the people, in all the individuals of the people. Each individual therefore has the right to participate in making the law which governs him and in the administration of the public good which is his own. If not, it is not true that all men are equal in rights, that every man is a citizen. If he who only pays a tax equivalent to a day of work has fewer rights than he who pays the equivalent to three days of work, and he who pays at the level of ten days has more rights than he whose tax only equals the value of three; then he who enjoys 100,000 livres of revenue has 100 times as many rights as he who only has 1,000 livres of revenue. It follows from all your decrees that every citizen has the right to participate in making the law and consequently that of being an elector or eligible for office without distinction of wealth.

Move forward to Democracy!