Now with April well on its way, the chaos (that the grade 10’s speak of) must soon be coming too, but in terms of in-depth blogging we are coming close to the end.

Without any specific topic for this post, I am free to blog about anything archery related and to close up some loose ends. First of all, my sessions with my mentor are still going very smoothly without many problems or concerns. After successfully addressing many of the wishes suggested by myself and others in my previous posts, I feel a lot more comfortable with this In-depth project in general. Unfortunately, my mentor will be on a vacation to Hawaii for the next two weeks, so the next and last time I get to meet her is May 6th.

Overall, I feel that my improvement in archery is starting to level off a bit. For most activities you do, you have that first boost in skill and motivation when you start, but after a while it starts to level off. From looking at only my practical scores I haven’t seen any drastic improvements, but by taking a look past the numbers, I realize that I’ve still been learning a lot about archery in both the practical and theoretical fields. My mentor has been picking on me a lot more about the smaller details so it is a bit harder to see great improvement, but just the fact that it has gotten a bit easier to shoot that a couple of weeks ago shows some improvement.

During my last post I briefly mentioned some fun outdoor shooting tournaments that I could possibly attend. Despite my desire to attend, I have decided not to because it requires me to buy a complete set of my own equipment (There will be more about equipment later on in this post). Later if I do find a tournament nearby that allows for rentals, I would definitely like to attend for sure, but without rentals archery can be pretty pricey sport.

Last week I also got a chance to look at the archery store above the floor I practice at, but it’s really more of a museum than a store. There are countless archery antiques from all over the world along with dozens of trophies and plaques displaying all the successes of the Royal City Archers. It was like a brief, hands-on history lesson. The picture attached shows only a half of the store, and that half unfortunately doesn’t show the antiques, but it gives you a general idea of what an archery shop might sell and look like.








As my in-depth is starting to go into the final stretch, I’ve been thinking a lot more about what to do with this skill once in-depth is finished. As of right now, I don’t have any specific plans. When in-depth began, I thought it would be something I would like to pursue on a more regular basis, but throughout the duration of this project, I came to realize that this is truly only a hobby. Despite my original intention to buy myself a bow and arrow set after the completion of this project, I sort of find myself at a loss, wondering what I should do if I even got that equipment. I am slightly worried that I would never use that (expensive) equipment to its full value, so in the end I decided to change my gift for completion. Instead, I will try to find a night when I just relax, eat ice cream, and maybe let out a sigh of relief ¬†from another task tackled in AprilMayJune. I think it will suffice for me to rent a bow and arrow every once in a while when I feel like shooting instead of buying my own. This will probably all change again though, as I’m sure my feelings towards archery will also change over the remaining weeks of this in-depth project.

I didn’t have too much to cover in this post, but my next post will be about my learning center for In-depth night, so I hope you look forward to it!