I am glad to see so many supporters still interested in my story even after all these years of chaos. I assure you, if we as a nation climb up the steps to democracy, this chaos will cease. What complaints could there be with a government that represents the people?

Many events have happened in the recent years right up to the victorious moment of King Louis the 16th’s execution. I am glad that this tyrant who spills the blood of the valiant French people is finally dead! He had caused the revolutionaries great amounts of pain from the very beginning, which started with the bread taxes and the social inequality in France. He then tried the escape his own country and duties, while plotting with other nations to drive us out. Luckily we found concrete evidence on his plots with the Austrians, more specifically Leopold II in that treasured locked chest.

With the execution of King Louis, the death of the monarchy must soon be coming as well and now we, the revolutionaries can put our plans into action without as much opposition. After the storming of the Bastille, we have the necessary equipment to proceed and we are prepared to fight for the rightful cause. Everything is in place, now that we have the people’s support along with the coming of a new constitution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. From here on in, we should soon be able to see greater progress and possibly a forthcoming conclusion.

In this specific entry, one aspect that I would like to highlight is the revolutionaries’ plans for the near future. We are not the chaotic mass of angry people without any order that the royals pose us to be, but in fact we have an objective (one objective that all the revolutionaries can agree on). That objective is “change”. Even though there may be different perspectives within the revolutionaries, all of us want some degree of change. Personally, I believe in a nation based off of virtue, philosophy and justice, but some different opinions within the revolutionaries are starting to form now that our first task of abolishing the monarchy is complete. I hope that my beliefs will be able to push through the crowd of dissenters to pave a sturdier path for this country through only words of persuasion and the desires of the people. I wish to not resort to any other method. My plan is to continue advocating and persuading others of my beliefs through the Jacobins and the National convention. Those such as Georges Danton who cannot see the good behind my words need some more attention though. I will prove to the nation of France that a couple of tweaks here and there won’t change anything. We need to start from scratch right from the roots of our society.

From here on out I feel that we might be entering the final storm before a lasting calmness can be achieved. I feel that trouble is to come from both external nations and from within the revolutionaries themselves. Hopefully this internal strife will be easily resolved so that together as a collective group, we can support France from any external threats. I can see a clear path ahead with the solutions myself and the Jacobins best think this country should revolve around, and I strongly believe that this is the answer we’ve been looking for! Vive la revolution and let us carry on forth!