I now report from the grave as my reign comes to a close. I have escaped from the chaos of reality to the afterlife and now I lie next to my enemies. My journey has been long and hard, through times of great glory and times of utter defeat. I have met many influential and infamous people ranging from Georges Danton, Jacques-Louis David, and even King Louis the 16th himself. I can still remember the time when I helped make the greatly influential Declaration of the rights of man and citizen and the wonderful time when I became the leader of the Jacobins and the Committee of Public Safety. This all seemed like a long time ago, when it was in fact only three years ago. Then came the traitors and the need to take stronger action to achieve my goals. Being the leader of a political party wasn’t enough to tame the wild people of France. From then on, it was a whirlwind of fights between the people, the Girondists, the monarchy, the external parties, and more. Now looking back, it was truly amazing that I was able to handle such a situation.

With my life now past, I regret not realizing the fact that my greatest threat wasn’t the dying monarchy or the external threats (not to say that these weren’t big issues), it was the people. I learned a little too late that the power of the people could be used against me as much as it was for me. I spent my life devoted to saving our nation and our people, but this is how I was treated in 1794 when my goal was close to being realized. Only a little bit more, only a couple more steps, we would have soon had a nation free of disbelievers and traitors, but before I had a chance to tell the people how I was nearing success, I was shot in the jaw, arrested, and led to the guillotine. How ironic, the fact that I am killed by the weapon I used to pave my own path to the top. I can still vividly remember that final moment at the execution platform. That feeling of impending doom, followed by a stream a regrets, then nothing. It was all so sudden, going straight from the glory at the top to the depths of hell. At least King Louis is here with me to suffer the same fate.

Even though I can not make any more lasting changes, I am sure that I made enough of an impact on history. I feel the intense emotions felt by those still alive and whether I am to be remembered as a villain or as a savior, I will always know deep within my heart that I did this for the people.  I would have loved to have been remembered as the ultimate savior of our nation, but alas that dream is now cut short. I always wanted to build a nation based off of virtue, philosophy, and justice, but there just had to be so many people who could not see the good behind my words. These were the exact same people who could not see the benefit of my plans in the long run, only looking at the few traitors that had to be eliminated for this cause. The people seemed to have forgotten the fact that they were the ones that accepted me over King Louis! But now that I am dead and with no one to take over, I predict that tumultuous times with the royals will surface once more. See, this wouldn’t have ever happened if I was still in power. Do you regret my execution by now, my greatest enemies?

As much as I feel sympathy for the problems that I know you will face, I have no desire to reach out and lend a helping hand. I have now learned the true face of my nation, the cruelty behind it and its people. My country is full of cowards who can not stand the slightest sight of a traitor’s blood in order to achieve a greater good, while being unable to accept a monarchy once more. My country is full of traitors who are never devoted to a single cause, swaying back and forth between many. These traitors are the ones who make me spill this blood. These are the people you should be angry at, not me, the person carrying out the necessary tasks. Be warned that this will be no different even if France’s ruler changes in this chaotic time, but now I shall leave you be. To respect the decisions that all of you made, I shall let you suffer under the hands of the wealthy. You shall feel what it is like to be oppressed once more, because by then you would welcome me with open arms from the grave.