I must say that I am quite surprised that I’ve been learning archery for about 3 and a half months already. It seemed like just yesterday when I first picked up a bow. Although I still have the final In-depth night and my learning center to complete, this post just about wraps up the blogging portion. As the title of this post states, it will mostly be focused on my learning center. I don’t have too much to add in terms of personal development in archery because as I stated in my previous post, my mentor is away until May 6th. During this time, I have just been researching on my own some theoretical terms and rules through the internet to better prepare me for any questions on In-Depth night.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been molding my learning center in my mind, and I’ve also been debating about whether or not I really want a standard poster board. The conclusion I reached was to scrap the poster board so that I can focus a lot more on the actual physical components of archery. This following picture is a rough depiction of what I plan to have for my learning center.


What I plan to have is a table with some archery equipment laid out for people to look at (this will be the school’s equipment that I am borrowing) along with some photos documenting my progress. The lines on the ground represent the 3 common shooting distances in archery (12m, 15m, and 18m), but this will have to be tweaked to roughly 4m, 6m, and 8m or less based on the amount of space I get. Next I will set up two targets at a reasonable distance from the lines. I haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at the school’s targets yet, but I know that these targets are very big, meant only for students. Once I take a closer look, I will decide whether I want my guests to work with that bigger size, or a smaller size 40cm paper target that I will receive from my mentor next week. I think I will keep one target size big for the younger students while the older students or those wishing for a challenge may attempt the smaller size.

One thing that I have to keep in mind for my learning center is how much space I will get. I will definitely need a space outside, hopefully in the grassy area outside the MPR (multi-purpose room). Whatever area I get though has to be enclosed through some method so that none of the guests accidentally end up shooting another person. Also, I will need a more horizontal space than a square or vertical space so that there is space to shoot.

Basically in my ideal learning center, I will be working with a maximum of two people at a time to teach them the basics of archery in 5 minutes or less. They will have a chance to shoot about 2 sets of 3 arrows, but this will depend based on the amount of interest I gain. While those interested wait for their turn, they could look at some of the equipment and photos that I will have laid out.

I am very excited to put this learning center together for In-depth night and I look forward to sharing my newly learned skill with others!

Come visit my station and I will see you all then!


P.S For the Layout committee to make your life easier:

Equipment needed:

1 table

Space needed:

A place outside, not to far from the MPR but enclosed so that no one gets shot. (Preferably in the grass and maybe parking lot if desperate). Minimum 6 m long 4m wide. Preferably 8 m long 4 min wide.