Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

Document of Learning

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed my Eminent person on my blog, but not to worry, there has been quite a lot of work done behind the ‘screen’. First of all, my speech draft has been written and posted below. I would still love some feedback although some more edits have been made as of now. Also, I have secured an interview! I will be email interviewing Mr. Taras.. Read More

Eminent Speech – lacking a cool title as of now

This year I wanted to dedicate a post to my speech, especially seeing as it is a very important and memorable┬ápart of Night of the Notables for us Grade 10’s. I would really appreciate some feedback on my speech (and maybe even a cool title for this blog post)! Here goes…!   Do I not receive any applause? I have just graced myself in your presence yet all I hear.. Read More

The hunt through the library

Much like our field study last year for Eminent 2013, we visited a library to gather more information on our eminent person. This time we went to the SFU library with the whole TALONS group. Before I mention how the trip went, I want to first write about my purpose. My main purpose was really just bond with my classmates and enjoy the SFU campus this time around. I really.. Read More