This year I wanted to dedicate a post to my speech, especially seeing as it is a very important and memorable part of Night of the Notables for us Grade 10’s.

I would really appreciate some feedback on my speech (and maybe even a cool title for this blog post)!

Here goes…!


Do I not receive any applause?

I have just graced myself in your presence yet all I hear is silence.

Is this really how you would greet the great Niccolo Paganini who has come to London from the small town of Genoa?

You, my audience, judge me even before I play my first note. You call me the devil, the freak, the rubber man all for my technical prowess. You condemn me from society, accusing me of selling my soul to the devil for my skill. You presume that my years of laborious, hard work, is fake like magic (snap). So I may not be your typical musician. I am not like the classical Mozart. I am not like the optimistic Haydn. But I would at least like my audience to understand that I will not stand to be mocked even before my first note.

Just wait till you hear my performance. I will shake the sleep from your feet and bring forth a new era of music unlike any you’ve heard before.

I promise you that I will conquer London in three days just like Vienna, Berlin, and Paris, but I will prove this to you, my audience only through the power of my music.


Thanks for reading!