It’s been a while since I’ve addressed my Eminent person on my blog, but not to worry, there has been quite a lot of work done behind the ‘screen’.

First of all, my speech draft has been written and posted below. I would still love some feedback although some more edits have been made as of now.

Also, I have secured an interview! I will be email interviewing Mr. Taras Gabora, an internationally renowned violin professor here in Vancouver. Unfortunately I won’t be able to receive any answers to my questions until December 2nd at the earliest because he is currently away at New York for a business trip. My interview post may be a bit delayed, but I hope the answers posted will prove to be a bit of a treat before or after the Night of the Notables!

Now, moving on to my learning center which will be the focus of this document of learning.

This year, I’m planning to keep my learning center clean and simple. Unlike last year, I won’t have a poster board, but instead I will be bringing in some items that are personal to my eminent person for display along with a fun interactive activity.  I have a classroom (room 214) as my learning center so it will be a bit easier to bring in some valuables without the worry of loss or damage. The first item(s) that I plan to bring in is a violin (or two). I will be bringing in my violins to represent Paganini’s own instruments, but to keep some suspense, you’ll have to come to my learning center to find out which violins I will be portraying and what their significance is to Paganini’s life. I will also be bringing in some of Paganini’s music that I own and visitors will be allowed to look through the music to observe some of Paganini’s technical challenges as well as his musical style and interpretation. Hopefully if technology allows, I will also play a soundtrack of the pieces he composed in the background, maybe striking a chord of inspiration in some of my visitors. Lastly, for my interactive activity I will have a third violin (which Vanessa G. graciously offered me to borrow) that will allow people to try out the violin. I will also have some easy music such as twinkle, twinkle little star set up on a stand so that there would be some purpose to the activity. Of course, I will be facilitating the activity, making sure that the guests know what they are doing and maybe teaching a few of the basics. Whether that person is playing the violin for the first time, the second time, or the 100th time, I think that it will still be an enjoyable interactive activity that fits in really well with my Eminent Person.

The layout for my learning center
The layout for my learning center

Compared to last year, my learning center is not so complex and it occupies more space. Also, visitors will have to directly converse with me for information about my person rather than reading off a board or by looking at pictures. Although the idea may be more simple, I think I will be equally or even more busy than last year, but I look forward to it! I hope that this learning center idea will be successful and entertaining on the night of while showing the true eminence of Niccolo Paganini to the guests!