Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

The Bi’blog’raphy

With this final post, Eminent 2014 truly wraps up. It was one adventurous journey and it was definitely quite a big step out of my comfort zone. With so many new and fun experiences, I’m mildly reluctant to draw it to a close, but unfortunately as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” To finish it off, I hope you enjoy this short journey through my.. Read More

Night of the Notables Reflection

This was officially my first Eminent night as a grade 10 as well as the last that I’ll be a part of. Although I will still observe this tradition from the side, it makes me feel quite sad and nostalgic knowing that this was the last time. It was a hectic night with one task after another, one success after another, but luckily, I leave the night with no regrets… Read More

Interviewing Mr. Taras Gabora

My Interview…it has finally arrived! This year it was considerably harder to get an interview, seeing as my person is not so well known to the general public. I really had to dig deeper to find a knowledgeable expert on my person. Despite my many failed attempts, in the end I was able to reach out locally and speak with my violin teacher on this topic. So to trace my.. Read More