With this final post, Eminent 2014 truly wraps up. It was one adventurous journey and it was definitely quite a big step out of my comfort zone. With so many new and fun experiences, I’m mildly reluctant to draw it to a close, but unfortunately as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.”

To finish it off, I hope you enjoy this short journey through my research path.


The best place to start of your preliminary research!


A list of Paganini’s compositions on Wikipedia. You may want to pick a few and listen to them on Youtube just to get a feel for his music.

Youtube, Caprice no. 24

Probably the best recording of Caprice 24 in my opinion. This gives you an accurate feel for Paganini’s music.


This resources is one of the most thorough biograpies of Paganini’s online, it also includes a timeline.


This contains a very short biography as well as a valuable list of the violin techniques that Paganini’s made or improved.


The best place to find Paganini’s compositions that you can download and print out. This source was used to aid the visuals of my learning center.


This resource is another biography, but it highlights Paganini’s effect on his audience and how they perceived him to be.


This movie may not 100% historically accurate, but it really helped me grasp Paganini’s character when preparing for my speech, and overall it was an enjoyable film.


This resource about Marfan’s Syndrome helped me imagine how Paganini played the violin and achieved some of his technical prowess.


This year, my research relied heavily on two books that I borrowed from my violin teacher

Paganini, by Leslie Sheppard and Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Published 1979 by Paganiniana Publications Inc, ISBN 0-87666-618-7, 703 pages

I would consider this book to be one of the most comprehensive biography of Paganini’s life, that is if you can find it! This book comes with many images which really helped me when I was thinking of my costume.

Paganini, his life and times, by John Sugden, Published 1980 by Paganiniana Publications Inc, ISBN 0-87666-642-X, 168 pages

I would consider this book to be a more abridged version of the first, yet equally valuable in terms of key points. Once again, it is not an easy book to find.

I hope this information helps future researchers!

Now this truly brings a close to Eminent 2014! Thank you to everyone who followed my posts and updates regarding this project. Although I won’t be researching another eminent person for school next year, I can definitely look forward to supporting the next TALONS class in their endeavors!