Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

In-Depth Post #2, the first hurdle

In-Depth truly started off with a bang! I’ve already learned so much pottery… and it’s only been about 2 weeks? During my first official session with my mentor, we got started right away. Within five minutes we were ready to begin and he gave me his first demonstration on how to make the foundation for any kind of pottery. After one demonstration, it was my turn to try. I must admit that.. Read More

Leadership 11: The Challenges

As another followup to the lecture we heard by John C. Maxwell as well as the discussion in class today, here are my answers to the questions regarding the seven challenges of leadership. Challenge 1: Tension How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation? If I face tension in a public situation, I often like to give myself a bit of space and just draw/doodle to let.. Read More

Leadership 11: Myth Busters!

As a follow up to today’s class discussion on the myth’s of leadership, here are my answers to some of the questions that John C. Maxwell addresses in his book “360 degree leader, Section 1: The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization.” Myth 1: The Position Myth What has a peer taught you in this past year? One of my peers, two years my senior, who learns.. Read More

In-Depth Begins Once More!

With the start of the new year also comes the start of one of the highlights of the TALONS program..Yes In-Depth! Just like Eminent, it doesn’t even feel like it’s been a year since I started last year’s In-Depth, archery (check out last year’s posts for more info), but here I am once more, ready to add fuel to a newly kindled fire called Korean Pottery, so yes as you might have imagined,.. Read More