When I was first asked the question, where have we been and where are we going, it felt like something that was way beyond my years, so to make this question relatable to me, I decided to narrow down the definition of “we”. I know that “we” could be many things such as our solar system, our planet, the human race and more, but for the purposes of this blog post, “we” will be the current group of grade ten talons learners.

Now it sure seems like a big word for a group of 28 or so learners, but this group fully represents the question being asked.

Where have we been?

I can still remember the awkward middle years and the transition I made to high school to be a part of this program along with the first day of school. I was so uncomfortable talking to the people I talk to with ease now, so I guess this shows that we’ve come a long way in terms of our relationships with our classmates. We’ve been through two eminent nights, an adventure trip and an in-depth night; all of which are great milestones that we’ve past and learned a lot from. Looking back just a bit now, I notice we’ve developed many strong relationships, while learning an abundance of information and having a lot of fun. Now we’ve metaphorically gone around the carousel for the first time, and we are well into our second ride around, except that we just happened to pick up some new passengers at the stop.

Where are we going?

Soon, we will be on our way out of the Talons program after taking two stabs at it. Sure there were things that may not have been smooth, but then again, that’s the fun of life. We are on our way to Grade 11 and being one step closer to being able to drive and be “legally” an adult. We are on our way to pave a future for ourselves and to develop ourselves as a person outside of the comfort of a program and now I’m not sure where everyone else will go, as everybody begins to find their own path, but for sure our talons adventures will be something to trace back to as we all head into the unknown (or maybe the “known” for some). Hopefully we will be on the path to make a contribution to the human race, maybe even becoming eminent people in the future, because honestly it would be really cool having another talons learner 20 years from now speak about you!

Although I do believe that other definitions of “we” could have answered this question as well, I felt that writing a post about my talons peers was quite refreshing compared to the heavy materials of the world. In the coming year, I look forward to tying some of the global issues we study to our local community, perhaps allowing us all to better understand how events halfway across the world can affect us. I also look forward to tying some events from the past to our present. It’s going to be one fun ride to the finish!