Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

Welcome back client…let me tell you a story

Dear client, it has been a long while, but it is wonderful to see you back here again. I see you were intrigued by my story and you have returned for more. Although I am no longer practicing as a lawyer in 1854 due to the commitments with the government, I would still love to share my stories and opinions with you. A lot has happened in these last couple.. Read More

In-Depth Post #6, The act of balancing

In my last In-Depth post, I mentioned the some of the hardships that I encountered over my previous two sessions, but I bring good news with this post! Although it took a considerable amount of time, I was able to surpass my first “pottery block” (sort of like a writer’s block). In my ninth session with my mentor, I continued where I left off with the water spouts. As you.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5, is this a “lid” on my progress?!

These past two weeks of pottery truly had its ups and downs. The “up” was that I was able to tackle two new skills while further polishing the teapot base that I learned the week before, and it definitely brought forth many new challenges. Last week my mentor taught me how to make the lid for my teapot. Out of all the skills my mentor had taught me so far,.. Read More

Dear Client… Je suis Monsieur Cartier

Bonjour my client. I, George-Étienne Cartier, will be your lawyer and I promise to give my utmost effort to win your case. I assume that you’d like to know more about me before I delve into the private details of your case. I graduated from the Sulpician College in Montreal, Lower Canada for law and I was soon called to the bar at the age of twenty. Now as a.. Read More

The Act of Union…what about the French people?!

“The Act of Union was passed by the British Parliament in July 1840 and proclaimed February 10th, 1841. It united the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada under one government, creating the Province of Canada.” (The Canadian Encyclopedia) I found that this quote effectively summarized the article in the link as a whole, but it failed to highlight some of the intricate details of this controversial act that made it.. Read More