Dear client, it has been a long while, but it is wonderful to see you back here again. I see you were intrigued by my story and you have returned for more. Although I am no longer practicing as a lawyer in 1854 due to the commitments with the government, I would still love to share my stories and opinions with you.

A lot has happened in these last couple of years, with some events in favor of the French, but more not. We, the French, have all felt the effect of the Act of Union when it struck upon us in 1840 and ever since I have campaigned rigorously for the rights of our people and the preservation of our culture. I’m sure you agree with me here when I say that the French who first settled here in 1603 must live on!

Do you remember my predictions from the last time we spoke? I spoke about troubling times to come for the French, especially regarding our relationship between the British. The Act of Union was truly the match that set off the flame and erupted anger and frustration throughout the country, especially for those of us who realized that the British were attempting to smoke us out of this country with their abundance of immigrants. This lead to my desire to fully take political action. I soon became the right hand man for Monsieur Lafontaine and it was with this gracious man that I learned the “tricks of the trade”. Together we tried to reform the Civil Code and restore the Assembly of the Province of Lower Canada that was struck down by the Act of Union. Together we tried to look for a solution in peace, and although we faced many hardships, I was happy to see that some progress was made through the compromising Baldwin and Lafontaine. Unfortunately, it was quite short lived, but it proved to me that the British do have a heart for compromise.

As a citizen of Lower Canada you must’ve already known that I ran and was elected as a Liberal Reformer as a member of the Legislative Assembly of United Canada. When the current responsible government won the election, I knew that this government could be the true first step towards trust and unity among the people. It wasn’t without adversity, but here through my people, I was always reminded that since I had the power to voice my opinions, it was my duty to speak up for our people and with this goal in mind, I arrived to the present day, now as a new member of the Cabinet and the provincial secretary for Canada East.

Now that I am a member of the cabinet, I have made many more connections with other political leaders and actually, I have hope for the future. It has definitely been a rough ride, but recently I have met this incredibly charismatic man named John A. Macdonald and I’m getting the inkling that he would be willing to work together with me to pave a strong path for future generations. I know that he may not agree to all my demands, but hopefully he can see that uniting Canada would further trade and commerce with other nations immensely (and benefit the French). I am worried about many things to come, especially regarding the reactions and points of views of the general population of French people, but I will speak to that when the time comes.

My client, I know it has been a long afternoon, but feel free to visit at least once more in the coming future. I enjoy speaking with you and you are a pleasure to have. Hopefully, next time I will bring great news of change and good fortune.