Dear Client,

I happily bring you the great news of change and good fortune that I hoped for many years ago. Tomorrow I will be speaking at the Celebration of Canadian Confederation and I just wanted to show you a preview of my short speech as a thanks for helping me realize my path.

I was only a young lawyer when I first felt the surge of politics. My naïve self just stumbled out of the 1938 rebellions, unaware of the path my life would take. But now finally after years of political toil, the great success has come! On July 1st, 1867, the time for Canada to be united as one, strong, independent nation has truly come.

For years I have struggled, faced with the oppression of the French by the British and when I was young, I thought that if I spoke out and voiced my opinion, everything would resolve, but I soon came to realize that one voice alone cannot change much. It is the collective power of many voices that truly make the difference. I’ve waged a long war with my most vicious enemy, the oppression of my people, and today is the day it nears the ends. With equal rights and liberty for the French we have finally won a battle.

I may not have been able to fulfill all of your demands and I must admit that there are still many French Canadians nervous about the events to come, but I have to say, I only have hope for the future. The fact that these heated debates were concluded without bloodshed is an example of my hope, that different cultures have a chance to coexist under one roof.

Although we won the battle, there is still a war to be won. Without a doubt there is great adversity to come and much will be needed from everyone. There are many Western Provinces that still need to be convinced, many ethnic and cultural groups that we have to negotiate with, and even the growing power of the United States that we must be cautious of, but nonetheless, those are problems for another day. Until then, cheers to the new country!

With many thanks,

George-Etienne Cartier


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