Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

Shine the light on positivity not negativity

  The idea for this political cartoon sparked when I read an article on CBC titled “Top 10 indigenous heroes…” Although the article isn’t incredibly current, the issue and message it tries to bring across is still very current today. The beginning of this article correlated this list of top 10 indigenous heroes to the list of 10 Canadian Heroes and one specific sentence in this introduction really stood out.. Read More

Document of Learning #2: PLO B2 is giving me some doubts…

When I first took a glance at the PLO B2 near the beginning of Socials, I only saw a few sentences telling us to understand and analyse some concepts about Aboriginal People in Canada. The difference between a few months ago, and now is that I don’t simply see words anymore. Through discussions and readings in class, along with my own personal discoveries, I think I’ve started to see this.. Read More