What a great way to wrap up my two years of socials in TALONS with a post about one of my most passionate topics of discussion, politics! Recently, in class we’ve been discussing the policies and narratives of the four main political parties of Canada (Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and the Green) through their advertisements/campaigns for the federal election this fall along with different current events and news articles. After collecting, discussing, and analyzing the varied opinions of each party, I feel that I am finally able to conclusively determine my own opinion on these political narratives. The hardest part about sorting out my perspective on these issues was isolating the issue from the bias, but by looking at numerous sources and by speaking with many people with different beliefs and values, I feel that I can finally isolate the issue from the bias.

Just recently, I took a quiz online (recommended by Fiona, a fellow TALONS learner) that would apparently tell me about how my beliefs lined up with the political parties of Canada. Combining the results of this test along with my prior interests I found that I was most compelled by political narratives about economics and the environment.

I find economics to be a really compelling narrative because it means so much more than numbers. Although numbers are what we see when we discuss economics, in reality, lives can be heavily impacted. More than any other issue, economy often represents the face of its country. It is something that the whole world can see and often the power of a country is determined by its economic stability. Hence, I strongly believe in a political party that puts emphasis on the economy. I also find economics to be compelling, because sometimes the benefits and the harms are not seen right away, unlike the environment, geography, and the government. For example, in April 2015 the Conservatives released their federal budget and although they released all these numbers, a positive or negative effect has yet to be seen. Therefore I think it is crucial to have a government that you feel you can trust in the long term with decisions that may have lasting effects.

In terms of economics, I feel that the liberal party best represents this narrative in my case. First of all, they highly support middle-class families as they state with their campaign hashtag #fairness. I truly believe that those in the middle-class who work hard for their money, deserve to have fairer taxes which in turn may give them more opportunities to succeed in life. Although I realize that some people that are incredibly wealthy have got there through their own hard work, I still agree with the Liberals that as country, we should support one another to make sure that no one is left behind. These are only some of the statements the Liberals have made to support their #fairness ideaolgy.

  • We’re going to give a tax break to middle class Canadians by asking the wealthiest Canadians to give a little more.
  • Canada is a country based on fairness. But right now, Canada’s middle class sees its hard-earned money used to give a tax break to the wealthiest Canadians.

Now, there are some aspects of the liberals’ economic narrative that do not apply to me such as the Canada Child benefit, but I still believe that the steps they are taking are the right ones for Canada as a whole. This allows me to agree with many of the Liberals’ economic values, but the one concern I do have is that their values are a bit too utopian for my taste. I admire their long term goal of fairness among Canadians, but I worry that they will not have a chance to fully place this goal in action before they are voted out of power as time goes on. From the liberal party, I hope to see more realistic goals that would act as steps towards fairness, but nonetheless I still believe that the liberal party best represents my values regarding economics.

Secondly, I find the environment to be a really compelling narrative because it is something that affects all of us whether we like it or not. As we live in the nature-filled, beautiful Canada, one thing I value is preserving this one-of-a-kind beauty. The thing about the environment is that once it’s tainted or lost, it is incredibly hard to restore back to its original condition and even if it restored, many aspects may have changed. We only get to live on this planet once, so I really respect the uniqueness of nature and I believe it is something that must be preserved. I also believe that with our resources and our stance as a first world country, we have the power to be a role model in environmental issues around the world, so I believe it is important to have a government that respects our environment.

The party that I feel most strongly aligned to regarding the environment is the Green Party, due to their willingness to create a more “sustainable and green community” and to provide greater incentives for corporations to switch to sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar. I particularly found the many infographics on the green party’s website compelling as it really got the message across for me such as the one below.

The green party states that its MP’s will:

  • Work with provinces to ensure no new coal-fired electrical generation plants are built in Canada
  • Push for the global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that are required to achieve a target of 350 ppm to cap the maximum global temperature increase at 1.5 degrees
  • Work with Canada’s renewable energy sector to accelerate the construction of green infrastructure, ensuring a majority of Canada’s energy needs come from renewable sources by 2025

I strongly agree with all of the statements, along with many more of their environmental promises on their website. However, I found one statement that I have a discord with, which is the following:

  • Introduce a carbon price through a fee and dividend system, which will encourage private sector investment in green technology and green jobs

I agree with their concept of urging corporations to rely on more sustainable energy sources, however, I don’t believe that it should be done through carbon taxes. This may be a detriment to small businesses and also, I believe that it shines a bit of a negative light on our government. Instead, I believe that it should be done through positive incentives such as tax credits and promotional benefits for larger corporations.

Nevertheless, the Green party’s overall assessment of the environment is the one I most strongly align with.

This bring my post to a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading about my political interests whether you agreed or disagreed with me. To those that have been following my blog since the beginning of grade 9, thank you so much for sticking it through with me and for those that joined sometime in the middle, I hope you enjoyed the ride as well! I really enjoyed sharing my work with you guys. Now this’ll be weird if this turns out to not be my last post…but I thought I’d say all this anyway!