I was just kidding when I said that my previous post would be my last, but this time it’s (most likely) for sure.

For our final exam this year, we had three options to choose from:

1. A continuation of our midterm

2. A historical life (like the one I did last year)

3. A PechaFinal

As you can see from my title, I picked the third option. My presentation essentially had to recap my year in socials and my learning in 20 slides with 20 seconds each, following the PechaKucha model. Through this presentation I spoke about one overarching lesson that I learned in this course, to recognize biases in order to form my own opinions free from the influence of others.

Below is the power point that I used for my presentation. Feel free to take a look!

Socials Final

Thanks for reading this post! This may be the end of TALONS, but certainly not the end of this blog or my learning. What a ride!