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The Socials PechaFinal

I was just kidding when I said that my previous post would be my last, but this time it’s (most likely) for sure. For our final exam this year, we had three options to choose from: 1. A continuation of our midterm 2. A historical life (like the one I did last year) 3. A PechaFinal As you can see from my title, I picked the third option. My presentation.. Read More

Political Narratives…how can I pick just one?

What a great way to wrap up my two years of socials in TALONS with a post about one of my most passionate topics of discussion, politics! Recently, in class we’ve been discussing the policies and narratives of the four main political parties of Canada (Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and the Green) through their advertisements/campaigns for the federal election this fall along with different current events and news articles. After collecting,.. Read More

Shine the light on positivity not negativity

  The idea for this political cartoon sparked when I read an article on CBC titled “Top 10 indigenous heroes…” Although the article isn’t incredibly current, the issue and message it tries to bring across is still very current today. The beginning of this article correlated this list of top 10 indigenous heroes to the list of 10 Canadian Heroes and one specific sentence in this introduction really stood out.. Read More

Document of Learning #2: PLO B2 is giving me some doubts…

When I first took a glance at the PLO B2 near the beginning of Socials, I only saw a few sentences telling us to understand and analyse some concepts about Aboriginal People in Canada. The difference between a few months ago, and now is that I don’t simply see words anymore. Through discussions and readings in class, along with my own personal discoveries, I think I’ve started to see this.. Read More

In-Depth Post #7: The Final Stretch

It looks like the end is already drawing near when it only feels like yesterday when I started pottery. These past four months blew past like a breeze and already In-Depth night is just around the corner! As this is my last blog post for my final Talons In-Depth Project, I’d like to highlight the progress made these last few weeks while showing the steps I’m taking to be ready.. Read More

Half way through! Socials Midterm

Time truly flies and it’s already almost halfway through semester two. This means it’s closer to summer, closer to the end or Grade 10, closer to year end exams and provincials, but this also means…my Socials midterm! I decided to present my midterm as a Prezi, so all the information present there! Feel free to take a look and observe my journey through socials this past year! My Socials Midterm.. Read More

Canadian Confederation: The Time has Come!

Dear Client, I happily bring you the great news of change and good fortune that I hoped for many years ago. Tomorrow I will be speaking at the Celebration of Canadian Confederation and I just wanted to show you a preview of my short speech as a thanks for helping me realize my path. I was only a young lawyer when I first felt the surge of politics. My naïve.. Read More

Welcome back client…let me tell you a story

Dear client, it has been a long while, but it is wonderful to see you back here again. I see you were intrigued by my story and you have returned for more. Although I am no longer practicing as a lawyer in 1854 due to the commitments with the government, I would still love to share my stories and opinions with you. A lot has happened in these last couple.. Read More

In-Depth Post #6, The act of balancing

In my last In-Depth post, I mentioned the some of the hardships that I encountered over my previous two sessions, but I bring good news with this post! Although it took a considerable amount of time, I was able to surpass my first “pottery block” (sort of like a writer’s block). In my ninth session with my mentor, I continued where I left off with the water spouts. As you.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5, is this a “lid” on my progress?!

These past two weeks of pottery truly had its ups and downs. The “up” was that I was able to tackle two new skills while further polishing the teapot base that I learned the week before, and it definitely brought forth many new challenges. Last week my mentor taught me how to make the lid for my teapot. Out of all the skills my mentor had taught me so far,.. Read More