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2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

Night of the Notables Reflection

This was officially my first Eminent night as a grade 10 as well as the last that I’ll be a part of. Although I will still observe this tradition from the side, it makes me feel quite sad and nostalgic knowing that this was the last time. It was a hectic night with one task after another, one success after another, but luckily, I leave the night with no regrets… Read More

Interviewing Mr. Taras Gabora

My Interview…it has finally arrived! This year it was considerably harder to get an interview, seeing as my person is not so well known to the general public. I really had to dig deeper to find a knowledgeable expert on my person. Despite my many failed attempts, in the end I was able to reach out locally and speak with my violin teacher on this topic. So to trace my.. Read More

Document of Learning

It’s been a while since I’ve addressed my Eminent person on my blog, but not to worry, there has been quite a lot of work done behind the ‘screen’. First of all, my speech draft has been written and posted below. I would still love some feedback although some more edits have been made as of now. Also, I have secured an interview! I will be email interviewing Mr. Taras.. Read More

Eminent Speech – lacking a cool title as of now

This year I wanted to dedicate a post to my speech, especially seeing as it is a very important and memorable part of Night of the Notables for us Grade 10’s. I would really appreciate some feedback on my speech (and maybe even a cool title for this blog post)! Here goes…!   Do I not receive any applause? I have just graced myself in your presence yet all I hear.. Read More

The hunt through the library

Much like our field study last year for Eminent 2013, we visited a library to gather more information on our eminent person. This time we went to the SFU library with the whole TALONS group. Before I mention how the trip went, I want to first write about my purpose. My main purpose was really just bond with my classmates and enjoy the SFU campus this time around. I really.. Read More

Does the name Paganini ring a bell?

Is it already time for Eminent again? It feels like yesterday when we had our night of the notables last year, but finally as tens it is our turn to experience the full greatness of the night. Already, even before my first post I’ve been putting some thought into this project, even going as far as thinking about a learning center (for more info on what that is, check Eminent 2013)… Read More

Historical Life of Jeremiah DeCosta

Still to this day, I can’t ever remember a day in my teenage years that I didn’t wake up screaming. Nightmares plagued my mind with events that had happened and could have happened, but it wasn’t always like this. Until my thirteenth birthday, I remember playing on the sandy beaches of Jamaica with my older brother and my younger sister, our parents not too far away watching over us. I.. Read More

TALONS TED Talk Science Final

For my final science project this year, I have a video to share! This mock TED Talk is about human self-regeneration and our capability to put it into action. All the details are in the video, so please enjoy! TALONS TED talk final  

In-Depth Learning Center

I must say that I am quite surprised that I’ve been learning archery for about 3 and a half months already. It seemed like just yesterday when I first picked up a bow. Although I still have the final In-depth night and my learning center to complete, this post just about wraps up the blogging portion. As the title of this post states, it will mostly be focused on my.. Read More

Maximilien Robespierre: My Reign

I now report from the grave as my reign comes to a close. I have escaped from the chaos of reality to the afterlife and now I lie next to my enemies. My journey has been long and hard, through times of great glory and times of utter defeat. I have met many influential and infamous people ranging from Georges Danton, Jacques-Louis David, and even King Louis the 16th himself… Read More