Ticket to Freedom

2013-2015 TALONS BLOG

Maximilien Robespierre: The Monarchy is dead!

I am glad to see so many supporters still interested in my story even after all these years of chaos. I assure you, if we as a nation climb up the steps to democracy, this chaos will cease. What complaints could there be with a government that represents the people? Many events have happened in the recent years right up to the victorious moment of King Louis the 16th’s execution… Read More

In-depth post #6

Now with April well on its way, the chaos (that the grade 10’s speak of) must soon be coming too, but in terms of in-depth blogging we are coming close to the end. Without any specific topic for this post, I am free to blog about anything archery related and to close up some loose ends. First of all, my sessions with my mentor are still going very smoothly without.. Read More

Maximilien Robespierre: Why I detest the monarchy

Good afternoon fellow readers. My name is Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre. I am not sure if I should scorn you for delving into my private journal or whether I should applaud you for showing interest as I tell you my life as it comes. I feel that turbulent times are to come and by writing such a journal I will be able to leave my own footprint in history. My.. Read More

In-depth post #5

I finally have live action shots of me at the Royal City Archers, so as stated in my previous post, I will post them in this blog today. Over spring break I wasn’t able to get along as far as I hoped because of the fact that the facility was only open the first week due to renovation the second week. Yesterday was my first archery session after spring break and.. Read More

Socials English Civil War Assessment

First of all, it’s hard to believe that our first official socials unit is coming to close… I felt like I learned a lot about the English civil war during this unit. Our group’s specific category was the Civil War part 2, but even more specifically King Charles’ trial which I believe is really a significant part of history that is able to stand on its own. I found that.. Read More

In-depth post #4

By this time I’ve run out of creative titles for these blog posts, so now it is just In-depth post #4. Since my last post nothing great has changed. I’ve continued working at roughly the same pace, around 40-60 shots per session while keeping track of the score. For an update on my scores, here’s a picture below. At first it may look like my score actually went down, but.. Read More

In-depth post #3

One thing I love about archery is that it’s so clear to tell if you’re improving or not. Although you can have some good or bad days, generally the target will measure your improvement for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the target I used these past two weeks because I decided not to use a brand new one each time, but I do have my score cards.. Read More

Socials Document of Learning #1

For my first document of learning for Socials, I have here my creative, photo-shopped conversation between Christopher Columbus and his subordinate, more specifically Rodrigo de Triana. My question is: Is it possible to rule or conquer without violence? This piece of media reflects Columbus’ opinion on this question knowing what we know now after reading Howard Zinn’s work. What I felt from reading this was that Columbus never considered another.. Read More

In-Depth Mentorship and Progress so far

Since my last In-Depth post, I have had three sessions with my mentor, Sheila, and I think I’m off to a pretty good start! At my first session at the Royal City Archers, before anything, I was first given an arm guard and a finger guard. The arm guard is there to protect my left arm in case the bowstring spins back and hits my arm, which I am told.. Read More

Planning 10: Healthy Living Plan

To start off blogging for Planning 10 this year, I have here my healthy living plan! First my five paragraphs on bullying, eating healthy, healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, and STI’s. Bullying Truthfully, I believe that bullying is something that can never truly disappear. It can only be prevented. Humans aren’t perfect and therefore conflict such as bullying exists. A lot of people think that bullying is only associated with.. Read More